Monday, August 19, 2013

Rename It! Pro Release 10 is Now available!

Release 10 of Rename It! Pro is now available in the Windows 8 Store! This update brings a couple of key bug fixes, as well as some new functionality to the Index section. You can now choose if you want to normalize the index of a list of files.

What this means is that if you have 100 files, the index can be 001, 002, 003....099, 100. Previously it was only able to do this up to 10. Without normalization, the indexes will be 01, 02, 03,...99, 100. This is how it has operated previously and is still available to you. No functionality has been remove...only added!


  1. Great fix thank you. What a great guy to work with. This does what I need to do at a great price. And he keeps making it better.


  2. Hi. I have downloaded the app, but it doesn't really do what I need. Will you maybe be able to assist me to change it to the way I need it? I have a lot of photos. Some I have already rename, but it takes a lot of time. I am looking for a program that can rename the pictures according to date taken - and the name must start with the name I need it to start with. Will you be able to assist?

    1. Hello,

      Currently Rename It! Pro does not use the date taken for anything, but it can make the new files start with any name you wish. Just use the setting that adds a character string to the front of the file.

      Using the date is something we can look into for a future update, but we would need something specific that you are trying to use it for. Would it just be sorting it starting with the date instead of by the file name like it is now?

  3. Bummer! I was hoping you could click a checkbox for "date taken" as one of the options for automatically renaming the files. You should be able to pull it from EXIF data, right?